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City Methodist Church

Beyond restoration. Photos were taken in 2011. The City Methodist Church, latterly known as City United Methodist Church is an abandoned church in Gary, Indiana. Once the largest Methodist church in the Midwest, [...]

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Jewelers’ Building

Formerly the Pure Oil Building and North American Life Insurance Building, 35 East Wacker was listed in 1978 as a contributing property to the Michigan–Wacker Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places, and [...]

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Ashland Ave

The 47th/Ashland Ave area is part of an older industrial and commercial corridor along Ashland Avenue, 47th Street and 51st Street in the Back of the Yards community.

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Chicago Landmark Old Cook County Hospital

Chicago Landmark – Old Cook County Hospital – Top floor column – Custom Canvas Special Edition – Limited Edition of 15 Reproductions Chicago Landmark  – Old Cook County Hospital – Top floor column. Urban Lithograph Architectural Series [...]

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