Death of the Shopping Mall

Death of the Shopping Mall

It is apparent that shopping malls have been dying over the last decade. The rise of online shopping, and smartphone connectivity has expedited the process. The Death of the Shopping Mall. With millions of square feet available, there is a growing number of malls that are being demolished throughout the US. the death of the mall has come not as much as a surprise but a confirmation that technology dictates the way. As many malls are located in Prime spots, there seems to be growing appetite for acquisition and demolition of these types of properties. with more pros then cons, developers are choosing to seize an opportunity. Death of the Shopping Mall. Empty and abandoned shopping places often attract different types of activity, from simple curiosity to full-blown scrapping all materials. shopping malls are quickly being raised throughout the urban areas as well as some rural areas. death of the shopping mall death of the shopping mall death of the shopping mall


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