Abandoned H Douglas Singer Mental Health Center

H Douglas Singer Mental Health Center

Opened October 1966, located just north of Rockford and had a more expansive ground plan than most of the other zone centers built at the time. The first director of the Center, Dr. Hansell, was personally interested in the effects of the crisis on people and wrote a series of articles on crisis theory that are still prevalent today.

Singer’s space, once it’s completely vacated, has to be turned over as surplus property to the Illinois Department of Central Management Services

Singer Mental Health Center
Opened 1966
Current Status Closed
Building Style Cottage Plan
Location Rockford, IL
Alternate Names H. Douglas Singer Zone Center

Closing Singer also has a big impact on local institutions that count on it as a training facility for psychiatric care. Four separate nursing school programs, numerous pharmacy programs, and the College of Medicine all worked with Singer to provide invaluable training for their medical professionals. Many health administrators had to scramble to find new locations for their internships once Singer closed in December.


  1. HanzX 2 years ago

    That wheelchair is creepy!

  2. Jason 2 years ago

    This place looks pretty incredible. I like how the pictures reflect the wass, but they are blurred, focusing on the front. Really nice work.

  3. Geraldine Davenport 1 year ago

    I Don’t know how to get my granddaughter’ s records from Singer. She was a patient there back in the 90’s. And please don’t tell me that information is confidential, because if my granddaughter were capable of doing this for herself she wouldn’t need rehabilitation Services.

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