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The Reliance Electric Co

The RELIANCE ELECTRIC CO., a leading manufacturer of electrical products for industry, was founded in 1905 by Cleveland industrialist Peter M. Hitchcock and his cousin, inventor John C. Lincoln. Originally founded as the Lincoln Electric [...]

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Last Days of Old Cuneo Hospital

When opened in 1957, Frank Cuneo Memorial Hospital was the most modern of hospitals, including a stunning lobby and operating rooms with patterned walls and floors of individually designed Romany-Spartan glazed tile walls. Architect Edo [...]

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Urban Cumulonimbus Clouds

Cumulonimbus, from the Latin cumulus ("heap") and nimbus ("rainstorm", "storm cloud"), is a dense towering vertical cloud associated with thunderstorms and atmospheric instability, forming from water vapor carried by powerful upward air currents. If observed [...]

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